Seleno Crystal Bulb Lamps

Seleno… Of the Moon

Inspired by the glow of the celestial moon and its transit over the mountain peaks below. The Seleno Lamp range combines a high quality crystal cluster or geode and solid Agate base with a sleek polished steel arm holding a unique touch fade screw socket making the crystal ball the bulb.

Free to cleanse, turn and change for other isotropic spheres creating a unique energetic mood lighting experience. From sunny Citrines golden glow to Amethysts ethereal hue, Clear Quartz’s inspirational “Clair” light to mystical smoky quartz’s protective hue, Seleno Lamps have a crystal shade for any mood or space.

Like Crystal Crown lighting Seleno Lamps bring crystal spheres to life revealing rainbow crackles and veins previously unseen while magnifying the stones natural colours and properties. Seleno Lamps are eyecatching unique pieces of artistic crystal lighting they suit traditional and contemporary decor ideal for lounges and bedrooms.

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