CC’s Touch Fade Vintage Lanterns

I love to hunt out vintage and antique Lanterns from fairs and flea markets across the country and give them a CrystalCandles makeover. Found in often very weathered condition they are lovingly restored over days stripping back and killing rust, layering with protective linseed oil, buffed and lacquer sealed stopping any deterioration without loosing the original patina with just a few minimal alterations to fit the electronics.

Micro USB rechargeable and portable, simply touch the wick spindle to fade on and the small brass bolt fades off for the perfect amount of crystal light that floods through the individually unique crystal settings, combining colourful optical stones to spectacular effect with some superb original embossed Lantern glasses and warm coloured crystals, giving a unique soft light as it passes through the gem stones. Using Iceland Felspar, Aura Quartz, honey calcite, rainbow crackle quartz and many more.

With Classic Vintage manufacturers from around the world including…

Chalwyn – Dietz – Feurhand – Bat – Meva – Kwang Wha – Veritas – Wakefields – Gremlin – A&M

Enjoy a working piece of lamp lighting history without the smell and smoke of a wick and oil burner. A unique rare item that grabs attention in any space making a great original gift glowing in snugs, mantles and mancaves across the world.

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